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HC Madurai bars Electro Homoeopathy


MADURAI.FEB.28: There are about 210 petitioners of Electro Homoeopathy sought recognition from Tamil Nadu Homeopathy Medical Council (TNHMC). But, their request was turned down. The practitioners moved the High Court challenging the decision of the TNHMC to turn down their request. The petitioners had sought to forbear the registrar of Tamil Nadu Homeopathy Medical Council from interfering with theirpractice by asking them not to practise without registering their diploma certificates in their council. They said the police were carrying out inspections in their clinics. When they approached the council seeking recognition, it was not granted.
On perusal of the submissions, Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana observed that most of the certificates produced by the petitioners of their diploma degree were issued by private institutions without affiliation to any statutory body or university recognised by Acts ofParliament. Having joined such courses, they were stopped from claiming any right to register themselves in the statutorycouncil or practise.
Taking cognizance of the fact that Electro Homeopathy System of Medicine (Recognition) Bill has not been passed in Parliament, the judge dismissed the petitions. The judge noted that this was a classic example of students taking up an unrecognized course and being forced to linger around the court even after completing the course successfully, wasting time, money and risk for which they are not esponsible. “The right of every Indian citizen to health and the right to receive proper medical care by qualified medical personnel is violated not only by the existence of quacks, but also by the practitioners
with unrecognized medical degree. Eventually, the life of the patient is at risk,” the court said adding the quality and faith in the medical education would come down significantly if such unrecognized medical certificates are permitted to be issued.“Eventually the life of the patient is at risk....The quality/faith in the medical education would come down significantly if the existence of these unrecognised medical certificates
are permitted to be issued or granted... talented doctors are also put to jeopardy,” the judge said. The Central and State governments should take the responsibility to keep a check on such institutes so that students were not admitted and given a diploma, which at the end turned out to be invalid or unrecognised. The students should also be cautious before choosing an institute, the court said.
Taking cognisance of the fact that the medical practice was not recognised, the court said the common man and aspiring students should be informed and awareness be created with regard to unrecognised courses. As this had caused serious prejudice to the lives of the young petitioners, the Central and State governments were directed to take immediate action against bogus institutes and keep a check on them. Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council has identified 27 fake institutions and clinics run by quacks are under surveillance