November 2011|Volume 8|Issue 11
Nov 2011|Vol 8|Issue 11


Scope in neoplasms ...


Dear Readers,
       Homoeopathy is a wonderful science which serves the humanity more than their expectations in many incurables cases.We hear and read many cures by our pioneers on excellent cures in various diseases. Homoeopathy is very popular from the days of discovery, that very popular for warts. In United States that Homoeopathy is designated as wart doctors in certain region. Thuja is well known drug for everybody and recommended by as OTC prescriptions and being well used in veterinary practice

         Hahnemann was quite successful in treating the acute disease and found many failures in treating the chronic diseases. After twelve years of experiment and 20 years of practice he contributed his theory on miasms, the eye opener for treating the chronic disease, literally contributing the wonderful book to the world, The theory of Chronic Diseases

       Many homoeopaths inspired the truth, applied to their practice and become very successful in practice. They are able to gain name in most of the proliferative diseases like, warts, lipoma, papilloma, Goitres, Fibro adenosis, Fibroids, Poly Cystic Ovarian Diseases and virtually in treating the carcinomas also in their practice.

       The scope is limited with the other systems of medicine, where as homoeopathy has wide scope in applying the dynamic principle which could abort the sycotic and syphilitic manifestations. We need lot of evidence based studies to bring Homoeopathic efficacy to the world and scientific community.

with regards