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 Dr.Aarti Sharma
 May 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Adrianna Holman   Alcoholism and Homoeopathy  Feb 2004|Volume 1
 Dr.Agatha .A
 Dec 2009|Volume 6
 Dr.Alphonse Immanuel.A
 Nov 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Ameerkhan Babu.S.R.
 May 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Amina Meer   The Art of First Prescription  Oct 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Anand Kumar.S.M.   A case of Phosphorus  Apr 2006|Volume 3
 Dr.Anand Pd. Mirgary
 May 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Anthony Campbell
 Apr 2004|Volume 1
 Dr.Anuradha .J.
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Anuradha Raja   A case of Hypoplastic Uterus  Mar 2007|Volume 4
  A case of Osteomyelitis  Jun 2009|Volume 6
  A Case of Uterine Fibroid  Feb 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of Ovarian Cyst  July 2011|Volume 8
 Dr.Anurudh Verma   Drosera Rotundifolia… Epidemic Remedy  Mar 2007|Volume 4
 Dr.Asokan. J   A Case of Nasal Polyp  Jan 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Bhagavathi .M.S
 Jun 2009|Volume 6
 Nov 2009|Volume 6
 Dr.Bindu Rekha Sarangi

 Apr 2010|Volume 7

 Sep 2010|Volume 7

 Dr.Bithi Roy
 May 2007|Volume 4
 Prof.Dr. Chaturbhuja Nayak
 Jun 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Chidambaranathan .S
 Oct 2010|Volume 7
 Dr.Dana Ullman
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Darshan D Soni
 Oct 2009|Volume 6
 Dr.Daxa V. Vaishnav
 Dec 2004|Volume 1
 Dr.Deena M. Monteiro

 Apr 2007|Volume 4

 Jul 2010|Volume 7

 Dr.Deoshlok Sharma
 Mar 2008|Volume 5
 Dr.Emma sheppard
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Esmail sait
 Feb 2007|Volume 4
 Dr.S. Elango   A case of Intra Uterine Growth Retardation  Sep 2012|Volume 9
 Jan 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Girish Gupta   Multiple Fibroids ... cured without knife  Jun 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Submandibular growth  Aug 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Psoriasis scalp  Oct 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Alopecia Totalis  Sep 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Tinea pedis  Sep 2007|Volume 4
  A case of adenomatous Goitre  Nov 2007|Volume 4
  A Case of Neoplasm Tongue  Mar 2008|Volume 5
  A Case of Psoriasis  Jun 2008|Volume 5
  A case of Cystic Hygroma  Sep 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Gnanasambandam .R   Fluoricum Acidum ... Crowns Glory in Alopecia  Jan 2004|Volume 1
  Goitres with Hypo and Hyper activity!  May 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Vitiligo  Nov 2004|Volume 1
  Anamnesis...on Alopecia  Feb 2005|Volume 2
  Vocal Cord Nodule escaped from surgery  Jun 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Uterine fibroid  May 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Alopecia Universalis  Jan 2009|Volume 6
  Fertility in Varicocele …scope and successful treatment  May 2009|Volume 6
  A case of Vitiligo  Oct 2009|Volume 6
  A Case of Psoriasis  Feb 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Varicocele with Oligospermia  May 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of Psoriasis  Jul 2010|Volume 7
  Challenges on Law of Infinitesimals  Sep 2010|Volume 7
  Dynamism in Carcinoma  Nov 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of PCOD with Hirsutism  Jun 2011|Volume 8
  Success Stories On Infertility  Aug 2011|Volume 8
  A Case of Vitiligo  Nov 2011|Volume 8
  Clinical evidences on Skin Diseases  Jan 2012|Volume 9
  A Case of Vitiligo  Jun 2012|Volume 9
  A case of Oligospermia with Varicocele  Aug 2012|Volume 9
  An Autistic Child  Aug 2013|Volume 10
  A case of Hyperpigmentation  Jan 2014|Volume 11
  A case of ovarian cyst and fibroid uterus  Feb 2014|Volume 11
  A case of Goitre  May 2014|Volume 11
  A case of Alopecia aereta  Jun 2014|Volume 11
  A case of Uterine fibroid with endometrial polyp  Jul 2014|Volume 11
  A case of Filiform Wart  Sep 2014|Volume 11
  A case of Infective Hepatitis  Oct 2014|Volume 11
  Dynamic concepts to expertise in Vitiligo treatment  Jan 2015|Volume 12
  Dynamic persepectives in Male Hypogonadism  Feb 2015|Volume 12
  Homoeopathy positive perspectives in Bronchial Asthma  Apr 2015|Volume 12
  Homoeopathy positive perspectives in Psoriasis  Jul 2015|Volume 12
  Efficacy of Arsenicum Album in Vitiligo  Aug 2015|Volume 12
 Dr. Gopal.G
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Prof.Dr.Gupta. A.K.
 Jun 2007|Volume 4
 Dr.Hafeezullah Baig   A case of Fibroid Uterus with Ovarian cyst  Sep 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Renal stones with Gouty Disorder  Nov 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Hiralal H.Agarwal 
 Oct 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Hitesh Purohit
 Jun 2006|Volume 3
 Prof.Igor Jerman
 Jan 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Jacintha Monteiro
 May 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Jagatha.S 
 Apr 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Jain. J.J.
 Jun 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Jawahar Shah 
 Nov 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Jayakumar. N. R.
  Pyrexia in Children  May 2006|Volume 3
 Apr 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Jayasudha.R.
 Jan 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Jesai Poovendan   A case of Dengue  Jul 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Jessy Markose
  A case of Psoriasis  May 2007|Volume 4
 Dec 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Jothimani .M
  Chikungunya…Homoeopathic Therapeutics  Dec 2006|Volume 3
 Mar 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Jyoshna Shivaprasad 
 May 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Jyothi Vijaykumar
 Dr. Kannan. V.
  A Calendula Ulcer  Mar 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Psoriasis  Jan 2006|Volume 3
 Jan 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Kaumudi Padma Mala.A.
 Apr 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Kavitha C.Vinod 
 Mar 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Khan.L.M
 Sep 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Khushali P. Gambhir   Menstrual Disorders and Homoeopathic Approach  Dec 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. King Narcius
 May 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Kishore Metha
 Feb 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Krishnendu Maity
 Dec 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Kumaravel.V 
 Aug 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Kunal Paul   A Case of Subserous Fibroid alongwith Tubo-Ovarian Mass  May 2011|Volume 8
  Dr.Latha Devarajan
   Homoeopathic Management of Female Infertility   Aug 2011|Volume 8
  Dr.Leela D’Souza-Francisco    Psychoneuroimmunology and Homoeopathy    May 2008|Volume 5
   Understanding of Psora    Dec 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Madhu J.Agarwal
 Nov 2007|Volume 4
 Prof. Dr. Madona Joseph
 Aug 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Mahendra Singh
 Apr 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Mahesh Raja
 Dec 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Manish Bhatia
 Feb 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Manju .D
  A Case of Infertility with multifaceted disorders  Jun 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Hyperthyroidism with infertility  Oct 2010|Volume 7
 Dec 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Vitiligo  Mar 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Alopecia Areata  Sep 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Mansoor Ali K.R.
 Sep 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Meera Bai.P
 Aug 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Mohamed Aleem.S
 Aug 2004|Volume 1
  Ginkgo biloba … the Savior For Senior Citizens  Mar 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Mohammad Shams Alam   Value of Anatomy in Homoeopathy  Apr 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque   Gelsemium Sempervirens …in headache  Nov 2009|Volume 6
  A Case of Hemangioma  Apr 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Mukherjee. P.K.   Hahnemann… A Great Personality of Medical Science  Apr 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Mukundan .P   Psoriasis . . . no recurrence with Simillimum  Feb 2004|Volume 1
  Tiny Globules against ugly warts  Dec 2004|Volume 1
  A Case of Palmo Plantar Psoriasis  Oct 2006|Volume 3
  A Case of Alopecia Areata  Apr 2008|Volume 5
  Homoeopathy in Nephrolithiasis  Aug 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Molluscum Contagiosum  Nov 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Palmoplantar psoriasis  Dec 2011|Volume 8
  A case of psoriasis  Jul 2015|Volume 12
 Dr. Munir Ahmed .R   Lilium tigrinum...the penitent 'saint'  Sep 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Murali Krishna.S   A Case of Plantar Callus  Nov 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Raynaud’s Disease  Aug 2007|Volume 4
  A Recovery of bronchial cyst in Homoeopathy  Jan 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Nagendra Babu
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Navneet Bidani
 Apr 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Nirmala Dua   A case of Varicose Ulcer  Oct 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Nisanth Nambison. K.M.
 Jul 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Nitin Dhole
 Dec 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Pameeta Uniyal
 Oct 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Panda. B.P.
 May 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Paromita Goswami
  Dynamism in Aconitum napellus  Jul 2010|Volume 7
  Challenges of Ultra high Dilution  Sep 2010|Volume 7
  Swine flu…pandemic  Nov 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Parrinaz Humranwala
 Jul 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Patil. J.D.
  Selection of Potency
 Apr 2004|Volume 1
  Ophidia...dynamism  May 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Pawan S. Chandak
 Nov 2009|Volume 6
  A Case of Lymphadenitis in HIV Patient  Dec 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Prabhakar Shetty
 Mar 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Prabhakara Murty. K.R.K.
 Mar 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Prabhakaran.K.
 Aug 2009|Volume 6
  A Case of Multiple Renal Calculi with Ovarian Cyst  Dec 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Prasanna Babu.E
  A case of Polycystic Ovary  Jun 2012|Volume 9
  A Case of Urolithiasis  Aug 2012|Volume 9
  A Case of Half spiritual Miasm- Dengue Fever  Dec 2012|Volume 9
  A Case of Psoriasis  Jan 2013|Volume 10
  A Case of Pneumonia  Mar 2013|Volume 10
  A Case of Varicose Ulcer  Apr 2013|Volume 10
  A Case of Psoriasis  Sep 2013|Volume 10
  A Case of Eczema  Dec 2013|Volume 10
  A Case of Azoospermia  June 2014|Volume 11
 Dr. Praveen Kumar.S.
 Oct 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Priya Henrita.C.
 May 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Rajalakshmi Patra
 Sep 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Rajat Chattopadhyay
 Oct 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Rajeev Chaudhari
 Feb 2007|Volume 4
  Tarentula …in Alopecia areata  Feb 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Rajendra Rajput
 Aug 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
 Jun 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Alopecia ... Carboneum sulph  Oct 2004|Volume 1 
  A case of Cervical lymadenitis  Jan 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Adenocarcinoma of Oesophagus  Apr 2006|Volume 3
  A case of adenoma of salivary gland  Nov 2007|Volume 4 
   A case of Hepatitis B  Apr 2011|Volume 8
   A case of Allergic Dermatitis  Oct 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Ram Jyothis.A.B.
 Nov 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Ramakrishna Prasad. P.
 Aug 2007|Volume 4 
 Dr. Ramakrishnan. A. U.
 Mar 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Ramana. O.V.
 Jul 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Alopecia Areata  Dec 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Ramana.K.V.
 Aug 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Rastogi.D.P
 Jun 2004|Volume 1
  Some success stories  Nov 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Ratna Chatterjee
 Sep 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Ravindra Babu
 Apr 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of Alopecia  Jun 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of Warts  Jan 2011|Volume 8
  A Case of Allergic Dermatitis  Mar 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Rejukumar .R.
 Dec 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Rudresh. B.T.
 Feb 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Saikat Hajra
 Apr 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Sandeep KR.Srivastava
 Oct 2009|Volume 6
  Gelsemium sempervirens…Dynamics  Nov 2009|Volume 6 
  Mother Tinctures are not True Similimum  Feb 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Saraswathy.M
  A case of fibroid uterus
 Sep 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Saravanan. S.
 Mar 2004|Volume 1
  A case of atopic dermatitis...Kali sulph  Feb 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Sarita Umadi
 Aug 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Sasireka
 Jan 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Savitha .K
 Mar 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Nephrolithiasis with Cholelithiasis  Aug 2010|Volume 7 
  Some cases on Psoric Miasm  Dec 2010|Volume 7 
  A Case of Warts  Feb 2011|Volume 8
  A Case of Chocolate Cyst  Nov 2011|Volume 8
  A Case of Eczema  Jul 2012|Volume 9
  A Case of Goitre  Nov 2012|Volume 9
  Acute Miasms and Germ Theory  Dec 2012|Volume 9
  Neurological Perceptive in Dynamism  July 2013|Volume 10
  Memoirs of Boeninghausen  Jan 2014|Volume 11
  Father of American Homoeopathy  Feb 2014|Volume 11
  Boger's Biography  Jun 2014|Volume 11
  Burnett's Biography  Nov 2014|Volume 11
  Dynamic Perspectives on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  Aug 2015|Volume 12
 Dr. Semparuthi .T
  Apr 2004|Volume 1
  Naevus Scalp  Apr 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Lichen Planus  Jul 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Cystic Swelling under the tongue  Oct 2007|Volume 4
  A case of Epiploic Abscess  Mar 2010|Volume 7 
  A case of Koch's Lesion  Feb 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Senthil Kumar .A.T
 Dec 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Senthil Kumaran. K.S.
 Jan 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Melasma  Aug 2009|Volume 6
  Childhood Asthma  Apr 2015|Volume 12
  Homoeopathic Perspectives of Eczema  Nov 2015|Volume 12
  Ignatia amara  Jul 2016|Volume 13
  Natrum Muriaticum  Nov 2016|Volume 13
 Dr. Senthilkumar. D.
 Jul 2005|Volume 2
  A case of ADHD  Jul 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Shaila.M.Udachankar
 Aug 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Shailendra R. Waghmore
 Sep 2005|Volume 2
  A case of Hypogonadism  Oct 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Chalazion  May 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Sharad Shangloo
 Apr 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Shashi Shekhar Shitanshu
 Nov 2010|Volume 7
  Psora... the monster miasm  Dec 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Sheetal Adayar
 Jul 2009|Volume 6 
 Dr. Shreekant B. Mirajkar
 Jun 2008|Volume 5
 Dr. Shreepad Hegde
 Aug 2006|Volume 3
  A Case of Hepatitis B  May 2010|Volume 7
  A Case of Epilepsy  Jan 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Molluscum contagiosum  Aug 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Simantini Ghosh
 May 2010|Volume 7
 Prof. Dr. Singh. S.M.
 Nov 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Siva Kumaran.A.P
 Sep 2005|Volume 2
  A Case of Hydrosalphinx  Oct 2009|Volume 6
  A case of Sepia  Mar 2010|Volume 7
  A case of tuberculinum  Dec 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Vocal Cord Swelling  Nov 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Prostatic Enlargement  Nov 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Smita Brahmachari
 Sep 2009|Volume 6
  A bird’s eye view of Veratrum album  Oct 2009|Volume 6
  A Tribute to the Sage of Munster  Apr 2010|Volume 7
  Challenges on the Law of Infinitesimals  Sep 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Atopic Dermatitis  July 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Tinea Corporis  Sep 2011|Volume 8
  A Case of Urolithiasis with Hydronephrosis  Dec 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Solaiyappan. N.
 Mar 2006|Volume 3
  Drosera…an Insect Eating Plant  Mar 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Srikanta Choudhury
 May 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Srinath. J. B.
 May 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Srinath Rao. C.
 May 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Srinivasulu.G.
 Sep 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Subhash Chaudhary   A case of Congestive Cardiac Failure  Mar 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Subramaniam .P
 Dec 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea
 Jun 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Sujata Choudhury
 Apr 2010|Volume 7
  Anti-Haemorrhagics in Homoeopathy  Jun 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. SundarBabu S.
 Nov 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Sundari Semparuthi.C
 Jul 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Endometrial Hyperplasia  Jul 2010|Volume 7
  A case of Cholelithiasis  Jan 2012|Volume 9
 Dr. Sunitha.R.
 Aug 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Suseela Rufus
 Feb 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Suvarna.B.S.
 Jun 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Swamy .K.L.
 Mar 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Syed Afsar Ali
 Sep 2009|Volume 6
  Veratrum Album…the Clinical Prism  Oct 2009|Volume 6 
  Evidences to infinitesimal doses in Homoeopathy  Sep 2010|Volume 7
 Dr. Tagore. A.R.
 Aug 2005|Volume 2
  A Case of Tinea Manuum  May 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Thirumaal.A.
 Dec 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Tiwari. S.K.
 Jun 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Udachankar. M.A.
 Feb 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Urvi Shah Chauhan
 Mar 2007|Volume 4
 Dr. Vaibhav J.Nilajkar
 Dec 2009|Volume 6
 Dr. Valavan.R.
 Dec 2005|Volume 2
 Dr.Veera Balaji Kumar. V
 Oct 2004|Volume 1
  A case of chronic dyspepsia  Dec 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Venkatraman.P.V
 Nov 2004|Volume 1
  Homoeopathic Perspective in Male Infertility  Aug 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Warts  Nov 2011|Volume 8
 Dr. Victor Dass. P.
 Jul 2004|Volume 1
  Arsenicum Album in Allergic Dermatitis  Aug 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Vida Olivera
 Apr 2005|Volume 2
 Dr. Vijay.H.Vaishnav
 Aug 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Vijayalakshmi.J
 Jul 2006|Volume 3
 Dr. Will Taylor
 Jan 2004|Volume 1
 Dr. Winston Vargheese
 Sep 2004|Volume 1
  A case of Tropic Ulcer  Mar 2006|Volume 3
  A case of Diabetic Ulcer  Dec 2009|Volume 6
  A case of Myocetoma  Jan 2011|Volume 8
  A case of Cellulitis with Necrosis  Jun 2011|Volume 8